Theater Night: The Eternal Space, A Play About the Demolition of Penn Station

Eternal Space PlayEternal Space playEternal Space play

Join us for a special night of theater with a screening of the off-Broadway play The Eternal Space, a show about the demolition of Penn Station written by Justin Rivers, Untapped New York's Chief Experience Officer. The play, which ran at the Lion Theatre on 42nd Street in 2015, imagines an untold story between a construction worker, at first reluctantly documenting the demolition of the un-landmarked building in 1963, and a self-anointed preservationist – and what they discover they have in common. The set cleverly recreates the original Penn Station using projection, showing many never before published photographs by Norman McGrath, Aaron Rose, Peter Moore, Ron Ziel, and Alexander Hato. This special event will be opened by Justin Rivers and will have a Q&A at the end of the show.


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