Virtual Interactive Thanksgiving Parade Talk and Celebration

Snoopy balloon at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

We are VERY grateful for all of our Insiders here at Untapped New York, especially this year, and we would like to show you just how much by having a virtual Thanksgiving Day Parade of our own.

First, Chief Experience Officer, Justin Rivers, will do a brief talk about the origins of New York's Iconic Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, tracing its humble beginnings as a Christmas parade up through its evolution into the world's most famous parade.

Then we will invite Insiders to share their memories or pictures of the Thanksgiving Day parade. Each Insider is invited to present them to the group. And you can bet that we'll be asking what you're thankful for this year in the chat.

So bring a heaping plate to your computer. Global Insiders, don't be shy, now's your chance to experience an American Thanksgiving without the family dysfunction (kidding).

If you would like to share your own pics or memories of the Thanksgiving Day Parade during this virtual event please email Justin at [email protected]


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All Images Courtesy of Macy's Inc.