Virtual Talk: Lost Utopias of the World’s Fairs

Jade Doskow Lost Utopias photographyJade Doskow Lost Utopias photographyJade Doskow Lost Utopias photographyJade Doskow Lost Utopias photographyJade Doskow Lost Utopias photography

Since the 1851 Crystal Palace / International Exposition in London, world’s fairs demonstrated to the public the latest triumphs in (often Western-based) industry, culture, technology, architecture, and design. While these fairs arguably have suffered a decline in significance and attendance since the mid-20th century, these grand events have left in their wake an unwieldy offering of giant towers, bucolic landscaping, and futuristic pavilion buildings in the cities which hosted the fairs at a certain point in time.

Since 2007, photographer Jade Doskow has been retracing where these fairs took place and photographing the remaining architecture, art, and landscaping, offering a prismatic backward/forward view into how these initially temporary constructions have permanently affected and transformed the urban sites upon which they were built. In Doskow’s photographs we witness the challenges of urban planning and preservation; what the future may have looked like, in design and architecture, to previous thinkers and designers; and how to plan for mega-events of the future.

All photos © 2020 Jade Doskow


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