Virtual Talk: Tops in The Bronx: Tracing the Borough’s Tallest Buildings

Discover a piece of overlooked New York City history by learning what buildings have - and have not - been the tallest building in The Bronx since the borough’s founding in the late 19th century. It’s not just a story of buildings, but of The Bronx itself, with immigrants, churches, developers, politicians, architects, urban planners, labor unions, and even Robert Moses all playing a role.

Jeff Reuben, an architectural columnist for Untapped New York, uncovered which buildings have held the distinction of being the Bronx’s tallest, after discovering that no such list existed. Reuben published his findings in an article for the Bronx County Historical Society Journal in 2018 and now will share those findings with Untapped New York Insiders through a presentation full of photos and archival materials.

What Jeff found is that each building that has been the borough’s tallest has a fascinating history that helps to tell the borough’s story, from its days as the “Annexed District” in the 19th century to the Boogie Down of today. Along the way, there were several other “pretenders” - buildings incorrectly described as being the tallest, and a number of contenders - buildings that almost achieved vertical supremacy but ended up a bit short.


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All photographs by Jeff Reuben