Upcoming Insiders Events

All these events are FREE to attend for Untapped New York insiders

Tuesday, March 9th at 12PM

Carole King's NYC

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Worker inside the New York Times printing facility
Wednesday, March 10th at 5pm

Made in NYC: Inside New York’s Factories

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Tuesday, March 16th at 5PM

Secrets of Fort Tryon & Hudson Heights

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Painting of a woman
Wednesday March 17, 7:30pm

The Forbidden City at 600: Women in the Imperial Palace

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Entrance of Waldorf Astoria
Thursday, March 18th at 5pm

Inside the Renovated Waldorf-Astoria

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Tuesday, March 23rd at 5PM

Inside NYC's Foodie Scene

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Wednesday March 24th at 12PM

Abandoned Subway Stations of NYC

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Thursday March 25th at 6:30PM

What the Signs Say Part II

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Giant Oyster
Monday March 29th, 7pm

Wild City: NYC’s Oyster History

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Wednesday, March 31st at 12PM

Rediscovering Old New York

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Monday, April 12 at 6PM

Geometric Properties at ARTECHOUSE

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Tuesday, April 6th at 3pm

Hidden Gems of Washington Heights

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Anchorage inside the Brooklyn Bridge
Wednesday April 7th, 12pm

Secrets of New York

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Tuesday April 13th, 7pm

Abandoned Resorts of the Borscht Belt

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Thursday, April 15th at 6pm

Life in Old NYC at the Merchant's House Museum

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Wednesday, April 21st at 12PM

Lost New York: Madison Square Gardens

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Joshua Jelly-Schapiro
Thursday April 22nd, 5pm

“Names of New York” Book Launch

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Mandarin Duck
Tuesday April 27th, 7pm

Wild City: NYC's Celebrity Birds

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Wednesday, April 28th at 6pm

The Great Trees of NYC

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Thursday, April 29th at 5pm

Subway Art: Encore

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Tuesday, May 18th at 5PM

Footnotes Book Launch

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Wednesday, May 19th at 12PM

Lost New York: Fifth Avenue Mansions

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Thursday, May 20th at 5PM

Making the Waldorf Astoria

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Tuesday, May 25th at 7pm

Wild City: Beavers in NYC

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Tuesday, July 20th at 7pm

Wild City: Sewer Alligators in NYC

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