Tour of 214 Lafayette

Photos by Jamie Ives

Untapped New York Insiders are invited to go inside 214 Lafayette, a historic home that was the original powerhouse of New York City.

214 Lafayette housed all the electrical cables for the entirety of downtown Manhattan at the turn of the century. It’s lined with incredible original elements such as subway grate entrances that were used at the beginning of the lines for direct access. Massive ceiling heights and original steel beams from its factory days set up the landscape for its extensive 13 year long renovation that began in the early 2000’s.

About this Event:

Between its industrial life and the current owners, 214 Lafayette was home to many varying artists and in the ’80-’90s became a gallery + studio + home for several female artists before finally being sold to the current family, who saw the incredible potential and put in over a decade of meticulous detailing to completely rejuvenate the home. They brought in physical elements from a decaying chateau in the south of France – including the stunning balcony doors off the mezzanine level and, quite ironically, the 14th-century fireplace that acts as the centerpiece of the main floor.

Additionally, the house is decked out with epic New York finds. Notably, a Keith Haring original subway drawing. Also the massive headlight lamps in the main living area that were dug up from the Hudson River and rewired to be in the residence. Plus elements from one of the owner’s work, which include the original BBQ sign from Texas Chainsaw Massacre hanging in the library and the Blade Runner props that were all turned into custom lighting fixtures throughout the home. The home has been featured as a filming location in television shows like Inventing Anna and Mr. Robot.


The tour will be led by P.S. Ives and Sara Altobelli of the Ruby Collective.

Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
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