Abandoned Subway Stations of NYC

Dive deep into the NYC subway to uncover hidden and abandoned spaces you may be traveling through every day!

  • Explore New York City’s ghost stations, some commuters pass through every day without knowing!
  • Learn about the mythical “Roswell” of subway stations out in Queens. Its existence is still up for debate.
  • See photos of the only subway station and line to be built and then deliberately destroyed just two years later.
  • Discover a guerrilla art installation in an abandoned portion of the Brooklyn IND subway. To experience it in person would have been life-threatening!

About this Webinar:

We all know about the majestic City Hall Station, New York’s crown jewel subway station decommissioned 75 years ago and left abandoned for decades. But under our feet, there are dozens of abandoned or never-used subway stations and platforms that don’t get as much attention as City Hall. Take a journey underground with Chief Experience Officer, Justin Rivers, as he surveys some of the lesser-known but equally fascinating abandoned underground transit infrastructure. No flashlights or dark clothing required!

About Justin Rivers:

Justin Rivers is Untapped New York’s Chief Experience Officer. He is a writer and interpretive historian whose work focuses on inspiring empowerment through storytelling in non-traditional settings. As a playwright, tour guide, and educator, his work is designed to help New Yorkers contextualize and rediscover their city by exploring the past, present, and future of its diverse infrastructure.
Justin’s Off Broadway play, The Eternal Space explored an unlikely friendship that arose from Penn Station’s demolition and enjoyed a successful six-week run at Theatre Row Studios in 2015. He is author and co-collaborator of The Wonder City, a graphic novel that re-imagines the history of New York City. He is also Founding Director of The Character Connection Initiative, a non-profit organization that brings character education and mindfulness practices to inner-city middle school students and teachers throughout the NYC metro area.

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Ready to join this webinar?
Ready to join this webinar?
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