Follow in the footsteps of George Washington and Alexander Hamilton on this Battle of Harlem Heights walking tour that will take you on a vigorous march up and down the hills of Hamilton and Morningside Heights.

  • Learn about the tumultuous events and bloody conflicts that led to this day of head to head fighting in a buckwheat field in September, 1776, and the battles and skirmishes that made the NYC area a battleground through 1781.
  • Experience for yourself on this hilly, mile and a half journey how the topography and geography of New York shaped the arc of the campaign of 1776 in and around the city, focussing on the Battle of Harlem Heights.
  • See some of the other historic sites on the two Heights including Hamilton Grange, City College, Columbia University and Grant’s Tomb.

About this Event:

For two and a half centuries, New York City’s pivotal role in Revolutionary War history has been underappreciated. Even most New Yorkers aren’t aware of the conflicts that took place where we walk today. The Battle of Harlem Heights took place in the middle of the period from August 27th to November 16th, 1776 when New York, from Gravesend (Brooklyn) to Pelham (The Bronx), was a battleground and the center of the conflict. Some say it changed the course of the war.
Harlem resident and Revolutionary War buff Mark Satlof will set the scene for this Revolutionary War battle and guide you across its mile plus field of action.
Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
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