Burning Gotham: A Tour of 1830s NYC

Burning Gotham: A Tour of 1830s NYC

Photos from Untapped New York and NYPL

See the real life settings and hear the true stories of 1830s NYC that inspired the audio drama Burning Gotham as you tour Lower Manhattan with creator James Scully!

  • Discover what you would have seen walking down Pearl Street on May 1st, 1835, Moving Day, and learn what Moving Day was
  • Hear stories of the infamous pirate Captain Kidd, his mansion on Pearl and Hanover Street, and his buried treasure
  • Learn about the “Great Moon Hoax” published by The New York Sun while visiting the former site of the offices of The New York Morning Herald on Ann Street
  • Uncover the site of a lost monument to the fire, and find out why it was removed
  • Learn about Fraunces Tavern — from Washington’s farewell address to its time as a boarding house in the 1830s
  • Discover how all of these fascinating true events and settings tie into the fictional audio drama

About the event:

Go back in time to 1830s New York City with James Scully, the director and co-creator of Burning Gotham, an audio fiction soap opera about the fastest growing city in the world, and the opportunists who shaped it. On this walking tour of Lower Manhattan, you’ll see the sights and hear the sounds that inspired Scully to spend five years researching and developing this sordid adventure serial set in 1835 and based on true events. Listen to the show here!

About James Scully

Creator, director, actor, and writer James Scully is an outgoing native New Yorker who grew upin a home with three generations of family. He had close relationships with both his grandparents and great-grandparents, being exposed to an invaluable amount of local culture. A graduate of Xavier High School in Manhattan and Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, James has spent over a decade working for media companies such as Condé Nast, and Hearst. He produces/hosts Breaking Walls, the docu-podcast on the history of American network radio broadcasting. He also writes/directs/post-produces/acts in scripted audio fiction productions besides Burning Gotham, like the western series Frontier Gentleman and the Frank Sinatra musical biopic And Then I Sing. James is also an actor in an audio theater troupe in NYC called The Fireside Mystery Theatre.

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Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
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