Tour of Hannah Traore Gallery

Tour of Hannah Traore Gallery

Photos courtesy of Hannah Traore Gallery

Join the gallery’s founder, Hannah Traore as she gives a tour of the new gallery.

  • Discover how Hannah Traore’s West African heritage heavily influenced her artistic interests
  • Hear how the gallery distinguishes itself from more traditional gallery spaces across the city through its focus on fashion collaborations and educational programming
  • Get a personal walk-thru of the gallery’s inaugural exhibits, Hues and Mi Casa Su Casa

About the Hannah Traore Gallery:

Founded by Hannah Traore, Hannah Traore Gallery is a space committed to advocating for and celebrating artists who have been historically marginalized from the mainstream narrative. Whether underrepresented, overlooked or exploited, HTG is building a path forward to share their extraordinary visions with the world.

Through an exploration of Traore’s eclectic heritage – Canadian, West African, Jewish and Muslim – the mission of the gallery is to appreciate what makes every person unique. HTG values connections – with artists, collectors, brands and institutional spaces – and maintains a focus on building true and lasting relationships. Understanding that art is in constant dialogue with design, fashion, media and the everchanging
world around us, HTG is dedicated to broadening the notion of what is deemed appropriate for the gallery setting. In doing so, HTG aims to engage both novice and experienced audiences in new ways.

Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
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