Hidden Gems of Guastavino’s New York

Hidden Gems of Guastavino's New York

Join Untapped New York’s Chief Experience Officer, Justin Rivers, on this walk and discover the stunning and often hidden architecture of New York City’s most under appreciated engineers.

  • Uncover one of Guastavino’s lesser known but most impressive vaults in lower Manhattan
  • Ride through Guatavino’s most coveted New York construction closed off to all who don’t know the secret way in to see it
  • Look in on a space once known as “the Cathedral” built into a bridge
  • Walk through the only Guastavino vehicular tunnel
  • Discover a hidden Guastavino vault near Grand Central Terminal (no it’s not the Whisper Gallery or the Oyster Bar)

About the event:

The Guastavino father and son team incorporated their tile arch system into dozens of buildings across the five boroughs including NYC’s most iconic landmarks like Grand Central Terminal, City Hall Station Station, and the Queensboro Bridge. Travel up the east side of Manhattan to uncover these often hidden-in-plain-sight gems and learn what made Guastavino’s work so visually and structurally breathtaking while appreciating them firsthand.


Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
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