Virtual Tour of Mars

Explore the Surface of Mars

Explore the surface of Mars via images and video collected by the Perseverance rover in a special out of this world virtual tour!

  • Discover how Perseverance will search for life on Mars
  • Find out why Jezero Crater was selected as the rover landing site
  • See how engineers and scientists guided the craft to a precision touchdown
  • Explore the ramifications for humanity of finding living or fossilized micro-organisms on Mars

About this Webinar:

Welcome to our first interplanetary tour! We live in exciting times. Mars beckons, the search for life off Earth intensifies. On February 18th, 2021, the Perseverance Rover landed in Jezero Crater on Mars. Its primary mission, to determine if any biology existed on Mars now or in the past. It is an audacious assignment.

Discovering a single living molecule or evidence of ancient biological activity will change the way we think as a species forever. We will understand that other places in our vast universe might have evolved life as magnificently as Mother Earth, that we are not alone. What could be more exciting?

How will Perseverance Rover do that; what tools are onboard? How did the Rover get to Mars and perform a precision landing after a journey of over 300 million miles? Why was Jezero Crater, the robot’s landing site, selected? We will answer these questions and many more in a non-technical way. So, if you’re curious about exploring Mars, join us!

About Your Guide:

Fred Pflantzer has been interested in all things outer space since the launching of Sputnik in 1957; model airplanes and rockets filled his childhood room. If there were a manned launch on a school day, he would feign illness to stay home.

When Apollo came along, he was determined to see a Saturn 5 launch into space. He hitchhiked down to Florida with a friend to witness the liftoff of Apollo 16 on April 16th, 1972. Pflantzer still finds the sound of rocket engines thrilling.

Pflantzer’s career has been a winding road. He has been a cinematographer, a videographer, a world traveler, a union organizer, a business owner, and a tour guide. Still, he has never lost interest in the space program, exploration, and the big questions. His dream is to live long enough for humanity to make contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, and of course, to see human footprints on Mars. One should never stop dreaming.

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Ready to join this webinar?
Ready to join this webinar?
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