Inside NYC’s Foodie Scene

Inside NYC's Foodie Scene

Meet the co-founder of the Bronx Night Market and get an inside look at NYC’s foodie scene!

  • Find out the difference between a foodie festival and a food-lover festival
  • Discover what it takes to be a successful food vendor in NYC, especially amid a global pandemic
  • Learn about the trends in the New York foodie scene
  • See why micro-businesses are so important to NYC
  • Explore what the future holds for food events in the era of COVID-19?

About this Webinar:

Join Bronx Night Market and Radial Park co-founder Marco Shalma as he shares insights into the New York food scene. In this talk, Shalma will explore the catastrophic effects of COVID-19 on the food-market and how New York City food vendors are overcoming the obstacles. Shalma will share his team’s creative actions to support micro-businesses, discuss the challenges faced in providing New Yorkers a sense of normalcy, and talk about what is being done to make the Bronx Night Market and Radial Park safe spaces during the pandemic.

The Bronx Night Market, the only open-air market to operate in 2020, and Radial Park, the innovative “cinamersive” playground that followed the mega-viral Uptown Drive-in Experience by Yankee Stadium, were two of the most celebrated activities during the fall and winter of 2020. This talk will explore their origin and comeback stories and look forward to what the future holds for foodies worldwide while shedding light on a new wave of food concepts Shalma is excited about!

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Ready to join this webinar?
Ready to join this webinar?
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