Jade Doskow, Photographer of Lost Utopias

Jade Doskow, Photographer of Lost Utopias takes the viewer on a journey through the mind of an artist struggling to navigate between the practical demands of her personal life and the hyper-idealistic relics of a future never fully realized.

  • Architectural works from past world’s fair expositions are aspirational visions. Most of these fantastical structures were meant to be temporary, but dozens of examples still remain. Doskow’s 10-year project, an equally fantastical perspective of these significant sites, is featured in this film and Q&A.
  • A sneak peek into the artistic process of a photographer: Jade Doskow, Photographer of Lost Utopias shows Doskow’s practice of setting up shoots, taking a handful of frames at each location, and spending weeks or months on the digital editing process.
  • The film features a successful female photographer who struggles to find balance between being an artist and raising a family.
  • The documentary short was selected for international festivals, such as Nevada Women’s Film Festival, Malibu Film Festival, and LIIFE, and screening in art institutions such as Asheville Art Museum and the ICP.

About the event:

Jade Doskow, Photographer of Lost Utopias, a short documentary film directed by filmmaker Philip Shane, follows architectural landscape photographer Jade Doskow on her 10-year quest to capture the monumental world’s fair echoes that remain worldwide. While Shane and Doskow take the viewer to many cities across the globe, including Paris, New York, Brussels, and Seattle, the film provides an insider’s look into an artist’s painstaking process of producing work. 

About the Speakers

Jade Doskow: New York-based architectural and landscape photographer Jade Doskow is known for her rigorously composed and eerily poetic images that examine the intersection of people, architecture, nature, and time. Doskow holds a BA from New York University and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts.

Philip Shane is an award winning documentary filmmaker with over 25 years of experience. He was co-director & editor of Being Elmo (Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival), and producer & editor of the two hour feature documentary Einstein (2008, History Channel).

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Ready to join this webinar?
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