Ulmer: Conveyance - Immersive Art Preview

Photos Aaron Asis, Exterior Image by Florian Holzher Photography

Be the first to experience a brand new immersive art installation inside an abandoned 19th-century Brooklyn brewery!

  • See Ulmer: Conveyance, a multi-room immersive art installation created by Untapped New York’s Artist -in-Residence Aaron Asis before it opens to the public
  • Descend into the underground beer vaults for an ambient performance created by Untapped New York’s Chief experience Officer Justin Rivers
  • Discover the beer making history of the William Ulmer Brewery
  • Explore the dormant spaces of the historic brewery before the building is converted into residences

About the event:

Be the first to experience Ulmer: Conveyance, a new immersive art installation inside the historic William Ulmer Brewery in Bushwick before it opens to the public for a limited run. Artist Aaron Asis and Justin Rivers will be on hand to guide you through the experience and answer questions.

Ulmer: Conveyance invites visitors to experience the seldom seen interior of a dormant architectural treasure — to learn about the history of its structure, the multi faceted value of occupation, it’s current dormant state, and the vision for its restoration. The installation itself is designed in two parts: to showcase the past, present, and future of the landmarked complex. The upper floors will be host to a multi-room site-specific installation, designed as a self guided procession through the main operating floors of the dormant structure — to connect visitors with a sense of the buildings history and future. Deep in the buildings sub-basements, hourly processions will guide immerse visitors through an ambient performance focused on the operational origins of the Ulmer Brewery.

The combination of these immersive site specific art experiences will allow visitors to participate a pivotal moment in the
history of this New York City Landmark — where the past, present, and future all converge at once — and the next new chapter of the building’s history is ready to be written.

About Aaron Asis (Project Artist)

Aaron Asis is a Brooklyn-based artist dedicated to connecting people with their city. His work focuses on exploring new ways to share knowledge, inspire the public, and highlight aspects of our city that most are unaware existed – through large-scale installations, documentary style photographic, and documentary films – to celebrate unique urban experiences which allow us to gather, reflect, and connect with each other and our city in unique and meaningful ways.

“…It’s much easier to look ahead at what will be, than to look back on what was — but there is so much we can learn from our past. History is everywhere…and sharing this history with the public is a wonderful way to create connections with each other and with our city.” — Aaron Asis (Project Artist)

Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
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