Wild City: History of Beavers

Wild City: The History of Beavers in NYC

Find out why beavers are featured on the seal of New York City in this talk about the history of the wood-chomping critters!

  • Discover the vital role beavers played in shaping New York City’s history
  • Learn about all the beaver tributes hidden in plain sight around New York City
  • Hear about the Bronx River’s environmental remediation and resident beavers
  • Get 10% off your own copy of the Wild City book with an exclusive promo code

About this Event:

The beaver is arguably the most important animal in New York CIty history. There are two beavers on the city flag as well as other tributes all over town. New Yorkers hunted the beavers out of the area in the early 1800s. Over 200 years later, beavers have returned to the city’s only freshwater river, The Bronx River, which has undergone its own monumental cleanup and rebirth.

Join author Thomas Hynes for a talk on beavers in New York City, how the animals shaped New York City’s early economy and history, how their disappearance signaled a darkening era of pollution, and how their return is a vindication for local environmental activism.

About Tom Hynes:

Tom Hynes is the author of the book Wild City, an illustrated guide to 40 of the most well-known, surprising, notorious, mythical, and sublime non-human citizens of New York City.

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Ready to join this webinar?
Ready to join this webinar?
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