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Sunset at Brooklyn Bridge Park

On a recent Sunday afternoon, we grabbed grub at Lassen & Hennings, a great delicatessen in Brooklyn Heights and headed to Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1 where we would spend the next seven hours. I remember this area of the Brooklyn waterfront from old movies. It was always used for a sketchy exchange, involving a mobster or cop who needed a location where nobody else would be. Not anymore!
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Big Bambu Roof Installation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The roof at the Metropolitan Museum is that perfect union of creative process and capitalism. It has an unparalleled view of Central Park, a cocktail bar and rotating interactive art installations. The latest is Doug + Mike Starn's bamboo structure, Big Bambà º, that has been a work in process since Spring. It's final size is 100 feet long, 50 feet wide, and 50 feet high and needed a team of rock climbers to build it.
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Village East Cinema, a Moorish Revival Movie Theater in the East Village

The nondescript facade of the Village East Theater conceals one of New York City's great hidden gems. The theater began as the Yiddish Art Theater, designed by Louis Jaffe and could seat 1,265 persons. Charlie Chaplin, George Gershwin and Albert Einstein have passed through its doors. The interior is in the Moorish Revival style with gilded ceilings, etched stonework, vibrant blue and red paints, and an elaborate chandelier. The lobby has a row of vintage decorative entranceways, a double staircase and gilded coffered ceilings.
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Mary, the Ziegfeld Girl

My great, great grandmother, Mary, was a Ziegfeld Girl with the Ziegfeld Follies. She was sixteen when she left her Boston suburb and headed to New York City with dreams of being a dancer. By the time she was eighteen she was officially a Ziegfeld Girl; it was 1909.
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The High Line at Night (PHOTOS)

People love photographing the High Line during the day. The first page of results on a Google image search for "High Line" yields only 8 night images out of 448. But the High Line is open at night (until 10pm) and runs amidst one of New York City's most popular party districts. And it goes literally underneath the Standard Hotel and hovers above the road. This is a good thing because it helps you avoid the denizens of the Meatpacking District.
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The hype may swarm around the tents at Fashion Week, but an equal number of designers actually showcased outside the official venue this year. We shadowed designer Janet Kim of Graey during the preparations for her Spring/Summer 2011 show and got to ask a few questions.
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The Authenticity of Lincoln Center’s Subway Stop

One of the few original details remaining in the 66th Street Lincoln Center subway stop are the plaster rosettes and molding on the ceiling. The station was constructed in 1904 and renovated in 2004, when vintage looking tiles were added to the walls. Despite the recent renovation, water damage has caused much of the plaster detailing to deteriorate.
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