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Free Surf Lessons at Long Beach!

The surfing Meetup group that our friend Stefan runs was getting Skudin Surf to give a free surf lesson to newbie surfers at Long Beach, Long Island. I was a little nervous about going by myself but I finally RSVP'ed.

The Dépôt Légal and the Gallerie Colbert in Paris

I came across this storefront today, at the intersection of Rue Vivienne and Rue de Petit Champs. As a New Yorker, I immediately got excited it was a remnant of something vintage, with its signage retained but usage abandoned. But space is premium in Paris and there's rarely an empty spot.
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Inside La Flèche d’Or Music Venue in Paris

I love this music venue--it's small which means you can get really close to the bands, there's always a great lineup of bands from all-over the world, it's perched atop an old railroad track and it's in a hip area of town in the 20th arrondisement, next to Père Lachaise.

The Invalides in Paris

Probably the best looking nursing home ever built! The Invalides was originally a hospital and home for wounded or elderly soldiers, and now houses the military museum and the tomb of Napoleon (among others).
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The Ghost Bikes of NYC

These bikes are real (although upon investigation, many ARE missing). The bikes, painted white and chained to street furniture, serve as a memorial to those that have died in cycling accidents in those locations. In June, the city's Sanitation Department announced a plan to remove bikes deemed "derelict" (with missing parts), and even went as far to call them "eyesores."

L’ILE D’OR: The Black Island of Tin-Tin in France’s Riviera

Although the fictional Black Island of Tin-Tin was located in Scotland, it is commonly believed the inspiration for the island was actually L'ile D'or, a private island off the south of France. I was lucky to get an invitation to spend nearly a week on the island this summer.
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