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Making New York City Modern

In her new book, “Making America Modern: Interior Design in the 1930s,” author Marilyn F. Friedman chronicles the saga of how Americans came to embrace modernism and make it their own, especially in cities like New York.

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Preserving New York Street Typography with The Alphabet City

Taking to the streets, designer, and photographer Joanne Dugan photographed unique typography from signage around New York, assembling them into the book ABC NYC: A Book About Seeing New York City. The root of the project was simple–Dugan wanted to make learning more interesting for her young son–but she discovered that it appealed to all ages. The …

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Don’t Forget to Look Up: 10 of NYC’s Skybridges

When navigating your way through the hectic New York streets you might limit your vision to only what’s in front of you, and for good reason. Crazy cabbies and daring cyclists weave in and out of every possible inch, without a moment’s notice. But if you take a moment to look up, you might just …