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The Last Days of the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble [Photos]

A couple days before New Years, I went to say my goodbye to the Barnes & Noble at Lincoln Center. I savored my last drink from the café and embarked on my photo mission to document what would soon be lost to a discount retailer.
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Queen of e.vil?

We happened to discover this storefront on 666 Bond Street recently, for the fashion label e.vil. Clever gimmick or cool enough for the East Village, its namesake? The label has been around since at least 2001, favored by Madonna, Paris Hilton and J.Lo.
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KORILLA BBQ Korean Food Truck

When Korilla BBQ comes to Columbia University, it parks on Amsterdam away from the slew of other food trucks on Amsterdam. There's a great visual menu, an assembly line of workers, a mirror above to show you what they've got and an iPad rings you up.
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Today, the Rickshaw dumpling truck was parked outside Columbia University so I gave it a try. It gets an A for marketing and I LOL'd reading the line, "Who's your Edamame?"
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Jane Jacobs’ House at 555 Hudson Street

There's something bold about a store that only sells one item: $45 cups. But maybe it's appropriate that such a store occupies the first floor of Jane Jacobs' home on 555 Hudson Street where she wrote The Death and Life of Great American Cities. I attended the recent "Snapshots in Storefronts" event by the Greenwich Village Society for Historical Preservation (GVSHP) as a volunteer, which allowed me to traverse up and down the stairs of the old home and check out the basement.
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Village East Cinema, a Moorish Revival Movie Theater in the East Village

The nondescript facade of the Village East Theater conceals one of New York City's great hidden gems. The theater began as the Yiddish Art Theater, designed by Louis Jaffe and could seat 1,265 persons. Charlie Chaplin, George Gershwin and Albert Einstein have passed through its doors. The interior is in the Moorish Revival style with gilded ceilings, etched stonework, vibrant blue and red paints, and an elaborate chandelier. The lobby has a row of vintage decorative entranceways, a double staircase and gilded coffered ceilings.
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