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Weekly Map: Hand-Drawn New York, Paris and London by Jenni Sparks

British artist, Jenni Sparks draws these maps of giant seemingly-untackleble metropolises with a fine-grained density of detail that will make your head spin. And she does it by hand! They are utterly impressive, jam-packed masterpieces. This beautiful hand drawn map was featured in The Guardian’s “10 of the best hand-drawn maps” gallery. 

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Lego Maps Mark London Tube’s 150th Anniversary

In 1933, engineer Harry Beck created the first modern Tube map. Source: London Underground.

From steam carriages to sleek subway cars… and now to plastic bricks? LEGO‘s seem best suited for playrooms and amusement parks, but a look at the London Underground’s 150th anniversary commemoration shows that the colored blocks aren’t just used for …

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Weekly Map: Locals and Tourists by Eric Fischer

Eric Fischer, self described as a “geek of maps, data visualization, failed transportation plans of the past, history of technology, computers, pedestrianism, and misspelled street signs,”  takes photos of cities and makes maps and other visualizations with many sorts of urban data.