One Bryant Park

Steam system orange and white stacks
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How the New York City Steam System Works

Our latest Untapped New York podcast episode is out, all about how the New York City steam system works. Have you ever wondered about those orange and white smokestacks you see?
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Inside One Bryant Park’s Co-Generation Power Plant

One Bryant Park, the first high-rise building to reach LEED Platinum certification ever, is a tower of fun facts. The Durst Organization has not been shy with unique initiatives here. For infrastructure nerds, the building has a co-generation power plant, one of just a few that exist within commercial buildings in New York City
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8 Surprising NYC Beekeeping Spots For National Honey Bee Day

Since beekeeping became legal in NYC in 2010, we've had an intense interest in rooftop and backyard hives by restaurants, hotels, companies and individual hobbyists. Our local farmers markets have a variety of local organic honey sold by the beekepers themselves. With National Honey Bee Day upon us, here are 10 Hives and Festivals you might enjoy.