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Top 10 Secrets of Harlem, Manhattan

Today, the greater Harlem area is split into three distinct sections: West, Central, and East Harlem. From containing the only remaining cast-iron watchtower left in the city to serving as the home for some of the country’s most influential cultural and artistic institutions dedicated to conserving the work of Black Americans, Harlem has much for us all to discover. Read to learn more about Harlem's legacy on New York City.
Image of Juneteenth Grove in Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn
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12 Ways to Celebrate Juneteenth in NYC 2021

In recognition of Juneteenth’s vital historical importance, the day was recently made an official New York State Public Holiday last year in 2020. As the first year of Juneteenth’s status as a state public holiday, MANY events across New York City will be occurring to commemorate the day.