Free Tour of Domino Park in Williamsburg

New Domino Park with Domino Refinery in behind. Photo by Daniel Levin


Visit Grand Ferry Park and learn about the ferries that once connected Brooklyn to Manhattan before the construction of the Williamsburg Bridge
Stroll along Domino Park’s elevated walkway
Learn the history of the Domino Sugar Factory building and the sugar refining process
See leftover …

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On Brooklyn Waterfront Mayor Bloomberg Plans Resiliency

New York is the ultimate city of water. With its 578 miles  of shoreline, its tidal rivers and straits, bays, harbors, and ocean frontage, New York became fabulously wealthy over the centuries by ruthlessly exploiting the surrounding waters for shipping, commerce, and energy. For 300 years it has expanded its territory into the sea, building …

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The (Pending) Revival of the Abandoned Miami Marine Stadium

The stadium features over 6,500 seats looking onto the water. Photo via Flickr, EL Gringo

For over two decades, local artists have been fervently and fantastically vandalizing a massive abandoned waterfront structure that lies on a small piece of land, carved in between Miami’s urban north and natural south bays. This partially-floating concrete giant—the …