Private Art in Grand Central Webinar

Art in Grand Central

Tour Highlights

  • Learn about the storied art school which also doubled as the largest gallery in America (also see what that space is today)
  • See how Grand Central recently played host to the most expensive piece of art in history
  • Explore a giant new piece of art recently unveiled during the pandemic
  • Find a long-hidden mural that was just uncovered again in 2020
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About This Tour:

Grand Central Terminal is one of New York’s most famous and most loved buildings (Secrets of Grand Central Terminal is one of Untapped New York’s most popular tours!), but most commuters don’t know that the Terminal is home to an abundance of public art installations. Many of these pieces are passed by thousands of commuters every day. Untapped New York’s Chief Experience Officer, Justin Rivers, will help you to uncover all of the overlooked artwork inside the terminal on this unique look at an iconic building! Discover a massive glass sculpture that was just installed, find out how much the world’s most expensive art installation cost, and learn more about lesser-known pieces you may have never noticed.

About Justin Rivers:
Justin Rivers is Untapped New York’s Chief Experience Officer. He is a writer and interpretive historian whose work focuses on inspiring empowerment through storytelling in non-traditional settings. As a playwright, tour guide, and educator, his work is designed to help New Yorkers contextualize and rediscover their city by exploring the past, present, and future of its diverse infrastructure.
Justin’s Off Broadway play, The Eternal Space explored an unlikely friendship that arose from Penn Station’s demolition and enjoyed a successful six-week run at Theatre Row Studios in 2015. He is author and co-collaborator of The Wonder City, a graphic novel that re-imagines the history of New York City. He is also Founding Director of The Character Connection Initiative, a non-profit organization that brings character education and mindfulness practices to inner-city middle school students and teachers throughout the NYC metro area.

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