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Secrets of the Brooklyn Bridge Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Discover the Brooklyn Bridge’s secrets, including its old Cold War fall out shelter, the hidden champagne vaults, the bridge jumper survivor’s support group and more
  • See an abandoned park hidden in plain sight as you explore the perimeter of the Manhattan anchorages of the bridge
  • Uncover the hidden statue of the family of engineers who built the bridge
  • Locate the site of the nation’s first White House
  • Cross the bridge span, which offers one of the best vantage points in New York City
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Guests Love This Tour!

  • Just the perfect way to cross the bridge. I would have never passed all those places he introduced us to! Since we have had a tight schedule ahead of us, we had a few non Bridge-related topics to ask him. That was no issue as all to him.

    Rebecca Avatar
    5 star ratingExcellent Tour! Such a lovely experience!! Our tour guide, Mandy, was wonderful and had so many interesting facts (and images (and an artifact!!) to share!!
  • Justin contacted us the day before the tour to let us know that Mandy would be our guide. Mandy has degrees in geology and archeology and worked as a Park Ranger in NYC-area sites. Her passion for and deep knowledge about the Brooklyn Bridge was evident. At the beginning of the tour she shared a book published in 1893-ish that collected all of the speeches given by dignitaries at the Bridge's opening ceremony. She also brought a large collection of photos and documents related to the bridge's planning and construction. She told us about the history, engineering, and societal importance of the bridge. I'm sure that Justin is wonderful but we felt very lucky to be touring with Mandy. Highly recommend.
    Laura Avatar
    This tour was worth every penny. Take your camera because you’ll get an unbelievable view and notice more than you possibly could just walking Brooklyn Bridge on your own. Justin, the guide, is a total pro, he’s probably given this tour gazillions of times, but still has plenty of patience to answer simple questions and let us enjoy discovering what is new to us.
    Dorothy Avatar
  • Justin is the bomb! Who knew there were champagne vaults in the Brooklyn Bridge! You need an expert to weave you through the Brooklyn Bridge, where everyone wants to go but don’t know the tips. Justin took us down little known staircases, told the incredible story of the bridge, and showed us a great afternoon walking from Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights/Dumbo.
    Michelle Avatar
    This tour was AWESOME. In addition to sharing the history of the bridge in compelling short stories, Justin shared cool one-off facts about the bridge (no spoiler alerts here!). He also did a good job with the logistics of getting the group on and off the bridge, no small feat given how crowded the bridge is with pedestrians and bikers. This is not the first tour I’ve taken with Justin or Untapped Cities. Consistent with other tours, this was well-designed and it included information that is little known even to New Yorkers. This tour is absolutely worth your time.
    Jennifer Avatar
  • Don't be a tourist on the bridge... take this tour if you want to learn about its secrets, hidden gems and not the usual touristy stuff... Our guide was super cool and his passion for the bridge was quite obvious!
    Pete Avatar
    This tour revealed the fascinating history of the Brooklyn Bridge! It's such an iconic landmark that anyone would recognize but it was so interesting to learn the little-known stories you wouldn't know about unless you took this tour, like the champagne vaults hidden inside!
    Christina Avatar
  • The mere fact that this tour takes place on the Brooklyn Bridge means off the bat it's going to be amazing because of the views, but the commentary and secret places we learned about made it even better. Everyone can recognize the Brooklyn Bridge, but who knew there was Cold War fallout shelter inside of it?!
    Mike Avatar
    I always wanted to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and I'm so glad I did it with this tour! I learned so much about the bridge's history and all the hidden things that are INSIDE of it. I would have never known about any of that cool stuff if I just walked it myself.
    Nicole Avatar
  • Wow! Cold War era shelters in the Brooklyn Bridge? That's cool... and I had no idea it was there although I walked or biked the bridge many times. Also really liked the story of Emily Roebling and how she basically was in charge of the bridge's construction once her husband got sick.
    Augustin Avatar
    Justin did an amazing job with this experience (this is my 3rd experience with Justin -- he is awesome!!). I've crossed the bridges going to/from Manhattan many times, but never knew how fascinating their stories can be! This tour was filled with lots of interesting/secret tidbits about the Brooklyn Bridge -- who knew there was a nuclear shelter in the bridge, for example?? Highly recommend this to anyone interested in getting a deeper understanding of NYC. Also, the views from the bridge are great!
    Marc Avatar
  • 5 star ratingThe NY landmark Mandy, our guide, was informative and enthusiastic as she described to us the vast undertaking of building the bridge. The bridge was packed with pedestrians and some bikers which sort of gave us the feel of old New York, a walking city. Our group was all female, We were delighted with the recognition of the pivot role of Emily Roebling in leading the bridge project.I would recommend this tour as a veteran tour guide. If I ever do the BB tour myself, I hope I can convey the facts and wacky details in such an entertaining way.
    Jo-Ann D
    5 star ratingFun, informative, great exercise! We spent a very interesting afternoon with Mandy walking the Brooklyn Bridge and being entertained by a guide who's passion in infectious. If you have any interest in the history of NYC, I highly suggest you consider this tour. And the tour encompassed NYC history beyond just the bridge. Mandy is a terrific tour guide ~ bring your comfy walking shoes and enjoy!

About This Tour:

Beyond the Brooklyn Bridge’s stately exterior lies an epic origin story. Now over 130 years old, the granite and limestone structure has dazzled both tourists and residents alike. Our unique Brooklyn Bridge walking tour will give you a whole new appreciation for one of New York’s most iconic landmarks.

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