Secrets of Grand Central Tour

Secrets of Grand Central Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Discover the secrets of one of NYC’s most iconic buildings
  • Learn about the design flaw as large as Grand Central’s main concourse
  • Find one of NYC’s most elegant cocktail bars formally an office, a speakeasy and a jail
  • Peek into the entrance of the glass walkways
  • Locate Grand Central’s hidden tennis court
  • Decipher the hidden symbols of the family that built Grand Central
  • See what’s left of Grand Central’s lost movie theater
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Guests Love This Tour!

  • 5 star ratingGreat tour of Grand Central Station Alexis was wonderful and informative. It was a great tour around Grand Central. There were only 3 in our group, so it was easy to move around. I highly recommend this tour.
    Kate K Avatar
    Kate K
    5 star ratingGrand Central Exploration My wife and I loved this tour. We learned so much about the history of the various buildings that eventually led to the current Grand Central Terminal. We went back to Campbell Bar after the tour for a drink and tried the Oyster Bar for lunch. Time very well spent in NYC.
    SJDrummer Avatar
  • 5 star ratingValuable experience Valuable experience Richard the guide is very clear in his explanations, giving only interesting and easy-to-remember data. The tour was very well structured and very pleasant. A great experience if you want to know more about Grand Central Station. Super recommended!!!
    Raul S Avatar
    Raul S
    5 star ratingThings you never knew about Grand Central Station The tour of Grand Central is probably one of the favorite tours I’ve ever taken. Our tour guide was terrific and shared so many little insights about the station you would never know. I grew up in New York but left many years ago. When I lived there I passed through Grand Central Station every day on my way to work, so the tour was even more meaningful for me. I would highly recommend this tour to others.
    drmmb Avatar
  • 5 star ratingExcellent tour of an amazing building! Excellent tour of an amazing building! Jonathan did an outstanding job as our tour guide. I had been in Grand Central Terminal previously but did not appreciate its beauty and historical significance until this tour.
    James C Avatar
    James C
    5 star ratingThoroughly enjoyable walking tour of Grand Central Station My wife and I know a little about the history of Grand Central and were excited to learn more. Jonathan, our guide, did not disappoint! We make it a point to take a guided tour in any city we visit, and I have to rate this particular one at the very top Jonathan was enthusiastic, hilariously witty, and a wonderful communicator. His love for the subject matter was evident. And indeed we learned so much about this iconic place. While the tour is centered on the magnificent building, we also learned so much we did not know about the Vanderbilts, the guilded age, landmarks preservation, and the importance in history and movies of the 20th Century Limited service to Chicago. For us, this tour was the highlight of our trip to NYC!
    Gerry A Avatar
    Gerry A
  • 5 star ratingThe Inside Scoop on Historic Icon Lots of behind the scenes and historical background on Grand Central Terminal. John had a wealth of information about and enthusiasm for preserving this icon. 11/2 hours of walking and standing. Be aware there is no seating available in the Terminal.
    Natalie H Avatar
    Natalie H
    5 star ratingTake this tour! Cullen was awesome! Tour was informative and well paced! Learned so many cool things about Grand Central Terminal. This is a must see.
    Jane W Avatar
    Jane W
  • 5 star ratingGreat tour This tour was done by John. He is really knowledgeable and fun as a guide. We heard things about Grand Central that moet New Yorker s do not know about. All very interesting and often astounding. Thanks John for a great experience!
    margot r Avatar
    margot r
    5 star ratingA grand Grand Central Tour! Such a well done tour! Having spent many years traveling to and from Grand Central, it was so fascinating to learn so many details. Great job! We also went to the Campbell Apartment for a drink after, such a unique venue.
    Pat L Avatar
    Pat L
  • 5 star ratingTour of Grand Central Thé tour was very good. The guide was prepared and easily found. Our guide Louis was very enthusiastic and got everyone engaged. The ear phones they provided really helped our whole family to hear the guide. It’s a small ear piece that easily attached to your ear. Grand Central is a beautiful station, it’s nice to hear the history.
    Mindymarr Avatar
    5 star ratingGrand Central with Richard The tour was great - informative, interactive and fascinating. Grand Central Station just on its own is impressive enough, but learning the history and lesser known facts gave us an even deeper appreciation for it. Richard did a fantastic job!
    ahatcher1185 Avatar
  • 5 star ratingExcellent tour I went in the tour of Grand Central and it was excellent! The tour guide was knowledgeable and funny with lots of interesting facts about the station I didn’t know. I’ve lived in New York for a few years and it was fascinating to hear so much about a building I’ve been in many times. Well worth it - highly recommend!
    Jo T Avatar
    Jo T
    5 star ratingVery Interesting We had a great time during our visit to Grand Central Terminal. Our guide Louis knew a lot about it and was able to tell very interesting things. We learned a lot!
    FNE56 Avatar
  • 5 star ratingSecret facts of Grand Central! Tour guide Richard was fabulous! Knowledgeable and fun! We have lived in NYC and been commuters thru Grand Central for years and still learned new and interesting facts. Definitely recommend this tour.
    Patricia C Avatar
    Patricia C
    5 star ratingA 5-Star Tour to Appreciate Grand Central and NYC An AMAZING walking tour. Richard S was extremely knowledgeable about not just the history of Grand Central, but also the different time periods in which it has existed. He made the tour fun and interesting, without having it feel like an overload of factoids. You walk away knowing more, feeling like you had fun and more appreciative of what is the magnificence of the station itself in the city of New York. This is a great tour to take!
    Mason D Avatar
    Mason D
  • 5 star ratingThe Unexpected Grand Central Station Very informative and enjoyable tour of Grand Central Station. Great way to get familiar with the station, its history and all it has to offer the public today.
    wallace b Avatar
    wallace b
    5 star ratingWell worth the price and time Really interesting tour with Jonathan. His knowledge and information as well as his narration made for a wonderful 90 minute insight into the history and relevance of the origin and continued use of Grand Central Terminal. Highly recommend.
    Bos2nBonnie Avatar
  • 5 star ratingNYC Gem Grand Central is a NYC gem! Our guide, Rich, was extremely knowledgeable and personable. Don't miss experiencing this fantastic tour!
    Christine A Avatar
    Christine A
    5 star ratingFabulous Tour One thing travelers learn when taking a tour is that the knowlege, delivery and professionalism of the guide matters quite a lot. So, we considered ourselves very fortunate to have Justin as our Grand Central Terminal guide. We learned not only about the terminal, but the rich history behind its construction and the political and personal drama that went along with it. Justin engaged with all of us on the tour (fortunately for us, only 6 of us that day) and frequently checked in to see if we had questions or commments. I've been on something of a mission to be a tourist in my hometown and learn something about all the places I've long taken for granted. A guide like Justin really helped me appreciate the rich history of New York.
    dorothy v Avatar
    dorothy v

About This Tour:

Discover the many secrets of this New York City icon! Close to a million people pass through Grand Central Terminal every day, yet very few know the many stories and secrets which you will learn on this tour. On this unique walking tour you will discover the origins and history of the Beaux Arts train station, from its glittering glory days to disrepair and modern quests to save it. Our top rated tour guides will make you experience what most miss: its hidden features, design quirks, and much more. Whether you pass through it every day on your morning commute or stroll through the Grand Central for the first time, you are sure to leave having learned, seen, and experienced something new and extraordinary. This tour of Grand Central Terminal is great for history or architecture buffs alike.

Ear pieces are provided to each guests, ensuring everyone hears the guide perfectly, even from a distance!

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