Private Brooklyn Underground Subway Tour

Brooklyn Underground Subway Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Uncover abandoned IRT, BMT, and IND stations hidden in plain sight
  • Experience the design of the oldest subway station in Brooklyn
  • Explore the highest rapid transit station in the world
  • Practice your moonwalk (no pressure) where Michael Jackson filmed the music video, Bad
  • Discover secrets about the country’s busiest commuter railroad (LIRR)

Guest Love This Tour:

  • 5 star ratingGreat tour! Rayn knows so much. It’s really incredible to learn about all the history and details that you miss every day in the subways!

    Max H Avatar
    Max H

    5 star ratingFascinating tour, not just for NYC visitors! Rayn is a fantastic tour guide, able to balance the complicated logistics of navigating through the MTA’s weekend schedules while giving us a fact-filled tour. I’ve been an NYC resident for years and still learned so much. Highly recommend!

    Mag L Avatar
    Mag L
  • 5 star ratingBROOKLYN SUBWAY STATIONS Interesting and informative tour of Brooklyn subway stations..both active and hidden. Rayn is an expert on the history of the NYC subways both in Brooklyn and throughout the city

    janicemcguire Avatar

    5 star ratingDiscover Brooklyn Subway History Overall a great Brooklyn subway tour, very knowledgeable tour guide Rayn was so sweet to answer all of our questions. Definitely would recommend!

    iana_loveyou Avatar
  • 5 star ratingGreat And Detailed Brooklyn Subway Tour Rayn is extremely knowledgeable about the subway system, having previously worked for the MTA. He is also an engaging speaker, making him the ideal tour guide. The best part of the tour (in my opinion) is looking down from the Smith-9 St station to the Gowanus Canal. You also ride many different train lines including the 4/5, D, G, F, and R, representing all three former subway companies, the IRT, BMT, and IND. You see some abandoned stations and tunnels, including Nevins St lower level. I look forward to joining another one of Rayn’s tours!

    Zachary L Avatar
    Zachary L

    5 star ratingPerfect city adventure for having fun while learning a ton This is an excellent tour and a great experience for both locals and visitors alike. As a lifelong Brooklynite, I learned a ton about the subway, the city, and the role of public infrastructure in our ever-changing society. Our tour guide, Rayn, did a fantastic job — he was engaging, informative, and fun. His extensive and insightful knowledge really shined through as he adapted the route in real-time to the train schedule and participant questions/interests. My friends and I didn’t want the tour to end and will definitely be looking to join more of Rayn’s tours in the future.

    T C Avatar
    T C
  • 5 star ratingIntriguing subway tour with Rayn — 5 stars! The Brooklyn subway tour was super informative and interesting, even for a local. Rayn was a great guide. Knowledgeable, funny, and very interactive with the whole group. I recommend.

    Jayden Duran Avatar
    Jayden Duran

About This Tour:

Join us for the Brooklyn version of our popular NYC Underground Subway tour! It was the second borough to be connected to the IRT in 1908, so it is just as packed with hidden histories and abandoned stations as the subway in Lower Manhattan. Explore how the NYC Subway helped to connect and develop Brooklyn, New York’s most populous borough!

Please note:

  • One MetroCard swipe or OMNY tap will be required to enter the Subway (NOT included).
  • There are MANY steps up & down and the tour is unfortunately NOT recommended for people with mobility issues.
  • The Subway can be loud and crowded. There is limited opportunity to sit during the tour. Please wear comfortable shoes.
  • This tour visits areas open to the public and does not access any restricted areas.
  • Exact route and tour length may vary slightly based on the MTA’s weekend schedule.
Any Questions? We're here to help!

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