Private Secrets of Rockefeller Center Tour

Secrets of Rockefeller Center Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Walk through a lobby covered in gold
  • See a literal hidden gem of the complex: A sterling silver model airplane made by the Cartier company
  • Uncover a secret portal that ceremoniously marks the completion of Rockefeller Center’s construction (and is signed by John D. Rockefeller himself)
  • Decode the meaning behind the world famous art that covers the complex
  • Discover the surprising story behind the World famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Guests Love This Tour

  • 5 star ratingThis is a tour for people who think they know everything about Rockefeller Center (and for those who don't) Educational. Engaging. I learned new, interesting things about Rockefeller Center and its context, even though I know much about the site and have been through it extensively over many decades. This tour is for anyone who has an interest in Rockefeller Center.


    5 star ratingThe things you've never noticed Great tour with lots of history and art work. There were details about Rockefeller Center I’ve never noticed despite years of living here!

  • 5 star ratingUntapped New York Inside Rockefeller Center My favorite part was seeing Rock Center in a whole new light, with inside tips and observations, and a very convivial group with an extremely knowledgeable tour leader.


    5 star ratingSuperb, engaging tour of Rockefeller Center This was an excellent tour of Rockefeller Center. I’ve walked through the center many times and saw things today that I didn’t know existed. Justin’s incorporation of some of the history of the Rockefeller family and the designers of some of the mosaics, paintings, and sculptures make this tour stand out. It’s definitely worth taking whether you’re visiting for the first time or a local who wants to know more about Rockefeller Center.

  • 5 star ratingAmazing tour! Justin is an absolutely amazing guide – I used to work in the area and still learned an astonishing amount of things about the Rockefellers and the Center. Highly recommended!


    5 star ratingGreat tour about Rockefeller Center’shistory Justin was full of interesting information not only about Rockefeller Center but also about the entire 5th Avenue area around it. In animated detail, and with the help of vintage photos on an iPad, it was possible to envision New York then and now, which I really enjoyed. Also, it was fascinating to learn how the many famous sculptures and murals depict the driving message of John Rockefeller Jr to help and inspire people and uplift humanity.

  • 5 star ratingGreat tour of Rock Center for locals and visitors alike This is a great tour for locals and visitors alike as it is extremely well researched and provides a wealth of information about the area. I am a Native New Yorker and have worked in the area and I still learned a bunch of new things. The art in some of the buildings is world class and a treat to see. It was also interesting to see and hear about the changes and new developments for the complex. The tour was very engaging as it included numerous photo references to the history of the area. Logistically the tour is excellent as well with the use of little earpieces which makes it easy to hear and follow along. I can highly recommend this tour.


    5 star ratingRockefeller Center Tour Great tour of Rockefeller Center. Saw parts of the complex I had never seen before. The tour guide was very knowledgeable.

  • 5 star ratingExcellent tour, highly recommend! I highly recommend this tour! I live and work in NYC, but knew next to nothing about Rockefeller Center. My tour guide, Alexis, was fantastic – she shared so many great stories and interesting facts as we walked inside and around Rockefeller Center. Alexis kept the group engaged the whole time, had a great sense of humor, and seems to really enjoy giving the tour, exactly what you’d want from a tour guide. I’m excited to go on another tour!


    5 star ratingEasy and interesting! This tour was a lot of fun! An easy walk, interesting history, beautiful architectural touches, and a celebration of art and humanity. Highly recommend!


About This Tour:

Completed in 1939, the iconic Rockefeller Center has its fair share of secrets both historical and current. The 19 unit Art-Deco complex is one of New York’s most popular tourist destinations not only hosting the country’s largest Christmas tree every year but also playing home to a handful of television’s most popular television shows including the world famous sketch comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live.’ It is also one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks drawing millions at all times of the year by exemplifying the crossroads of entertainment, corporate America, and retail that is the Big Apple. Join Untapped New York as you unearth the secrets and stories that make this landmark one of the most visited sites in the world.  

Ear pieces are provided to each guests, ensuring everyone hears the guide perfectly, even from a distance!

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