Hidden Gems of Governors Island Tour

Hidden Gems of Governors Island Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Discover the island’s history, from Henry Hudson and Dutch settlement to the French and Indian War to Frank Sinatra! Governors Island was actually the first true New Amsterdam!
  • Find out how the Dutch used the Island in the 1600’s and the conflicts that arose between the two vastly different cultural groups of colonists and natives
  • Learn about colonial and native archaeology
  • See the present and future of the Island after our tour of the entire historic district by going into some of the old military homes, many of which house art exhibitions or pop-up museums! Then traverse the beautiful native plant gardens cared for by the Trust for Governors Island and stroll or ride past the Urban Farm and Earth Matter to see some of the sustainable efforts of organizations that call the 172-acre park home
  • Learn the military history of the Island’s 3 forts, military housing and administration buildings. Governors Island was the longest running military base in U.S. history, from 1794 to 1996. Fort Jay and Castle Williams specifically hold many secrets that will be revealed on this tour!
  • Explore the Hills! The Hills were designed by a Dutch firm in 2016 and provide sweeping views of New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, and lower Manhattan.’
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Guests Love This Tour:

About This Tour:

This guided walking tour will be led by Mandy Edgecombe, a trained naturalist and former National Park Service Ranger who worked on Governors Island. In addition to learning about the known history of the island, which dates back over 400 years, guests explore the natural resources such as the modern gardens (2016) and the habitat they provide, enjoy public outdoor sculpture spread throughout the Island, and many bring bicycles or rent them there which is our favorite way of experiencing the 172 acre park! 

Ear pieces are provided to each guests, ensuring everyone hears the guide perfectly, even from a distance!

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