Secrets of the NYC Speakeasy: Tour and Drink

Tour Highlights

  • Visit the sites of historic speakeasies and have a drink of your choosing at Pete’s Tavern, one of the oldest bars in New York City, where you will enjoy an exclusive talk by the current proprietor
  • See one of the last temperance fountains in New York City, steps away from a former speakeasy
  • Stop by significant landmarks in the East Village and Union Square that reflect the Progressive Movement’s drive to “improve” society, including the Jewish Rialto, German Dispensary, and St Mark’s Church in the Bowery
  • Learn the difference between a proper speakeasy and what is called a Neo-speakeasy
  • Discover how isolated temperance movements in the U.S. led to an all-out national prohibition, even in a drinking city like New York
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About This Tour:

Prohibition was not just the law of the land, but an amendment to the constitution. This tour, a combination of walking and imbibing, hones in on the New York experience of Prohibition, with a focus on the East Village and Union Square, perfect areas for uncovering the local and national forces that transformed regional temperance movements into an all-out Prohibition. Not only will we stop outside historic speakeasies, but also end our tour inside one, Pete’s Tavern, one of the oldest bars in the city. An exclusive to the tour, Pete’s current proprietor will share the captivating history of his historic bar while you enjoy a drink of your choice.

About Your Guide: Diana Pittet

A former Latin teacher with a degree in classics from Brown University, Diana traded in the classical world for classic cocktails fifteen years ago. She co-owns Night Owl Hospitality, a cocktail catering and education company in Asbury Park, N.J., where she also co-runs a monthly whiskey club. Putting her master’s degree in food studies from NYU to good use, she teaches a graduate seminar at NYU on the history, culture, and politics of drinking. An avid traveler, she has visited over 50 countries and has surfed in a good number of them.

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