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On Sunday December 4th at 12pm, join James and Karla Murray, authors and photographers of the critically acclaimed books, Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New YorkNew York Nights and Store Front II-A History Preserved on this walking and tasting tour of some of their favorite East Village food establishmentsDiscover the food, history and diverse culture of the East Village while tasting delicious specialties from at least 6 different tasting stops.

Many family-run businesses started out as traditional mom-and-pop stores passed down from generation to generation, and defined their neighborhoods. Not only are these modest small businesses falling away in the face of modernization, gentrification, and conformity, the once unique appearance and character of New York City’s colorful streets suffers in the process.

On this tour you will learn about the diverse German, Italian, Jewish and Ukranian history of the East Village and try some fresh homemade Italian mozzarella, drink an authentic New York City egg cream or have a freshly roasted cup of coffee, taste a hot Ukranian potato pierogi with toppings, sample a freshly baked Jewish sugar cookie, enjoy an authentic New York hot dog and tropical drink and taste a freshly baked Italian cannoli.

Enough food will be sampled so that for most people lunch afterwards is not needed.

Historic East Village Food Tour

Below are a few more photos from James and Karla Murray of places we will discover on this tour and foods we will sample:

Papaya-Neon-East Village-NYC-Untapped Cities ToursPapaya King famous Hot Dog and Tropical Drinks will be sampled

1-Veniero-East Village-NYC-Untapped Cities ToursWe will try Veniero’s freshly baked cannolis

Porto Rico-Coffee-East Village-NYC-Untapped Cities ToursWe will drink a cup of coffee from Porto Rico Importing Co.

Gem Spa’s famous Egg Cream will be sampled!

Veselka-East Village-NYC-Untapped Cities ToursVeselka will prepare for us freshly made pierogis

Russo’s will present different types of Mozarella: smoked, nature…

And there will be more stops on this tour!

Historic East Village Food Tour


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