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Untapped Cities is excited to offer this new, Untapped Cities-exclusive tour of the normally off-limits Woolworth Building led by building architect Cass Gilbert’s great granddaughter, Helen Post Curry, who runs the Woolworth Building tours. Cass Gilbert was Curry’s paternal great grandfather and she began running tours in the Woolworth Building on the 100th anniversary of the landmark. As Curry says herself, “there are so many behind-the-scenes “secrets” about the Woolworth Building” and we’re excited to share them with you on this special, insiders tour.

Our tour of the Woolworth Building is currently sold out, but we’re adding more dates soon!


  • Special access to the gorgeous mezzanine level
  • The tour will include a guided visit through the spectacular “cathedral-esque” lobby
  • Visit the cellar level where the bank vault is located and where the former entrances to the subway are

Price: $45 (+ fees)
What to know:
The tour is one-hour long. Please do not enter the Woolworth Building without our tour guide. Wait outside until the tour guide arrives. 
What to wear: 
Bring comfortable shoes

See more photographs of what you will see on this tour:

Woolworth Building-Mezzanine-Interior-Landmark-NYC

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Woolworth Building-Downtown Manhattan-Untapped Cities-Ben Helmer-5131

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VIP Tour of the Woolworth Building

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