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Aby Sam Thomas is a writer and a journalist living in New York City. He is originally from Kerala, India, but he was born and raised in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Before coming into the world of journalism, Aby worked as an analyst programmer at Accenture for four years, working out of offices in Mumbai, London and New York. An avid reader, a movie enthusiast and a fiction writer, he’s a typical Gemini who loves to dabble in a number of fields and ideas. He keeps a photo blog, and can be followed on Twitter @thisisaby.

When you walk into Decatur & Sons, you may feel like you’ve entered a time capsule of sorts—this full-service barbershop is located in NYC's Chelsea Market. Read more.
The confetti that rains down on people every New Year’s Eve contains actual wishes. Head to the Times Square Visitors Center to put your wish on a piece. Read more.
In his book, Continuous City, Brian Foo re-imagines New York City as a city constantly in flux, taking on forms and shapes that are entirely different from the grid-like design we have become accustomed to. Read more.
“Blotto” is a temporary installation by artist John Morse that aims at getting New Yorkers to think about perils of drinking and driving. Read more.
Menacing and grotesque, the inflatable union rats make their presence felt no matter when they are placed—but did you know that there’s a bronze version of the same located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan? Read more.
The Little Lebowski Shop at 125 Thompson Street is a veritable temple to the movie The Big Lebowski starring Jeff Bridges. Read more.