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Manhattan_Neighborhoods_Names_Untapped_2013_MapImage via Ork Designs 

In a city, such as New York, a neighborhood name holds a lot of weight. Beyond geographical terminology, our sense of place comes from the distinct characteristics we associate with a neighborhood that we then share with each other through descriptive vocabulary.

The potency of words in the city is something that is often forgotten, as names are dismissed as “just names” but in reality these terms and identifiers are our universal urban language that help make the complexities of urban living, more manageable.


Smithsonian-1836 Overlap Map-NYC-ManhattanMap overlay 1836 to now from The Smithsonian

Drawing on comparisons between an 1836 topographical New York City map done by Joseph Colton and a current day Google satellite map, The Smithsonian has created a wonderful interactive map (which we discovered via CurbedNY) that allows you to see some of the drastic changes that may not be observable within a lifetime. The city itself has been flattened, expanded, and re-engineered to be the landscape we know today.