The Omnivore Group runs the annual Omnivore Food Festival in Deauville, which has featured Ferran Adrià   , Alain Ducasse, Pierre Hermé and more and recently began a monthly themed event at Centquatre (104) in Paris. The next party (theme: fish) is on January 17th with Olivier Bellin (The Glaziks, Plomdiern) and Alexander Couillon (Navy, Noirmoutier). You can reserve tickets for 35┚ ¬ here.  Chef Jeremiah Stone, who works for Omnivore, recounts the first Omnivore 104 event for Untapped:

A few days ago Omnivore did an event at the Centquarte (104) space in the 18eme. It’s basically a huge open area for public events and some cool exhibits up in the halls. The event we did was with Fabrice Biasiolo from Les Grandes Tables. He has a restaurant down south but is going to be the executive chef of the upcoming restaurant in the 104.  We sent out invites to over 400 people and did a little bbq gathering with wine and fancy people water!  The plan is to have a monthly re-occurring party at this space with a different theme each month.

I found this was the equipment we had to pull it off with. This picture doesn’t care that it’s blurry:


Ok so you want me to sear off all this veal breast. Ok. Wait what. He did a poitrine de veau cooked low temp at 58c for 12 hours. There was a good 70 pounds of meat. Plus the shrimp to be seared for another dish. Oh yeah I forgot about the few hotel pans that contained cubed up Iberico pork shoulder. So this was fun, a non-stop sear-fest. I used a bottle of Evian to deglaze and everyone went nuts! THAT’S  FOR DRINKING! Well, they were our sponsor and the closest water source was a hose I had to turn on. Then some guy from the building came over to yell at me in French, but I just ignored him and acted like I didn’t understand. The chef did some small canapes like foie, delicious macaroons, a ginger-duck roll, beef tartare, seared Iberico pork shoulder with scallions on foccacia and a swordfish tartare with grapefruit.





350 people down.  Time to hang out with my friends from La Cocotte and eat their little petit fours that looks like tiny breasts:


img_0264 (1)