Upon exiting the subway at Court Square in Long Island City, my friends and I were quickly immersed in a throng of 18-30 something’s, who were undoubtedly en route to the concert at MoMA PS1 based on their level of excitement. We rounded the corner of 46th  avenue and our ears were greeted by the pulsating beats from the DJs’ bass speakers, and our eyes by the very dramatic structure of Wendy.

Having printed our tickets for the event ahead of time, (which I highly recommend as the ticket line can be a wait of 1-2 hours), we quickly dashed through the entrance and into the inner courtyard of PS1. Within the courtyard resides Wendy, an outdoor installation crafted by the winners of MoMA PS1’s annual Young Architects Program, Mathias Hollwich and Marc Kushner, of the architecture and design firm HWNK.

Wendy is a bit hard to classify – it is not only a piece of architectural mastery, but an ecological appliance that filters and neutralizes airborne pollutants as well. The museum will be offering a two-part panel session on July 15th  and August 5th, designed to explore the engineering and technology behind the project. Wendy provides a striking backdrop and is a pivotal part of the concert series.

Before joining in the festivities in the courtyard, my friends and I ventured inside the museum, which is included as part of your concert ticket. I really enjoyed the Max Brand exhibit (pictured below). He uses a variety of media to create his pieces — such as chalk, crayon, spray paint, ballpoint pens, oil and acrylic paints. My friends were equally drawn to the work of James Turrell, called Meeting, which is a square room that has a rectangular hole cut directly into the ceiling. Visitors can even lay down on the floor to look up at the installation and revel in the sky’s color, contrasted by the dimly lit artificial lighting on the walls.

After enjoying the silence and sanctuary of the Turrell exhibit we were ready to return to the DJ sets outside. As the afternoon progressed, the courtyard swelled with revelers and it became completely packed shoulder to shoulder. The beer stands could barely keep up with the demand.

Each DJ that came on stage built upon the momentum established by the last artist — creating an unparalleled and very palpable energy throughout the evening. Saturday’s line up were all local musicians at the forefront of experimental and house music. Matthew Dear, Sepalcure, Le1f, MikeQ, JDH and Dave P kept the crowd dancing the whole time.

Every weekend, for the rest of the summer, the MoMA at PS1 will host artists from all over the globe.  The Warm Up Series lasts from 2pm — 9pm. I personally recommend James Holden on September 1st  and Maria Minerva on September 8th. Check out the rest of the summer’s line-up and help the MoMA celebrate its 15th  year of the Warm Up Series.

The Warm Up Series is just one of the many exciting initiatives by MoMA PS1 to promote and foster a new generation of contemporary artists.  Another opportunity is Studio Visit, an online platform where emerging artists in New York City can upload images of their work and share it with a large audience.  MoMA PS1 has hosted a wide array of talented artists and helped them get their start.  To learn more about the artists featured at MoMA PS1, read our review of Clifford Owens’s performance art exhibition that took place in May 2012.

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