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The Morgan Library & Museum: A Financier’s Public Contribution to the Arts

The Morgan Library experience is an incomparable walk through time, rich with art, literature and history. The banking mogul's collection encompasses original artworks by artists such as Rembrandt, Rubens, writers such as Dickens, Twain and music from the likes of Mozart as well Beethoven. Equally as impressive as the collection it houses, is the architectural mastery of the museum.
Arts & CultureNew York

Music Radar: Interview with Sean Hayes

Sean Hayes released his 7th solo album, Before We Turn to Dust, on September 11th this year. He has had a longstanding and very successful career as a musician. His national tour will be stopping in New York City at Le Poisson Rouge on October 30th. Untapped Cities caught up with Hayes to discuss the new album, the influences on his music style, and what he is looking forward to while playing in NYC.
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