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Explore Ellis Island's Abandoned Hospital

Exclusive hard hat tour inside Ellis Island's Contagious Disease Hospital, abandoned since 1954. An experience unlike any other in NYC...

Discover the Secrets of Grand Central

Did you know there is a hidden tennis court inside Grand Central? Or that its ceiling is backwards? Join us and discover its many other secrets.

Discover The Remnants of Dutch New Amsterdam

Explore where New York began and discover the many hidden relics of Dutch New Amsterdam in today's lower Manhattan!

Our Guests Love it!

  • 5 star ratingMasterful Storytelling! Mandy is a masterful story teller and manages to engage all ages, including a 5-year old. She brings history to life with humor--her characters are rich and relatable. I would do this tour again in a heartbeat.


    Loved this tour!

    Wendy Avatar
  • Fun time - thank you, John

    Penni Avatar

    4 star ratingWalking tour of GCT The tour was very interesting it included lots of history as well as fun facts. The guide was great.

  • Great experience with a very enthusiastic host! It was a lovely way to explore grand central station and I learned a lot

    Emily Avatar

    John is simply amazing and his shared knowledge of Grand Central should be made into a documentary!!!!

    Gladys Helena Avatar
    Gladys Helena
  • 5 star ratingAbsolutely the best way to see Grand Central Terminal! We really enjoyed taking this tour with John. His love for the terminal and it’s history was apparent through his enthusiasm and knowledge. We loved learning about all the beautiful and quirky things about GCT that make it such a wonderful place to visit. Any visit to NYC should include this tour beach add it holds such a special place in the history of the city. Ask for John DeSanto as your guide and you will see things that no one else gets to see!


    5 star ratingBest Tour of Grand Central The guide was very enthusiastic and clearly enjoyed what he was doing. We actually went overtime and everyone in the group was happy about it. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • 5 star ratingHistory and hidden treasures. Highly recommend GCT is a treasured resource to NYC. Ben was an exceptional guide sharing insights, pointing out hidden gems and the rich history of the building and railroad travel in NYC. Too often travelers pass thru this masterpiece without the time to appreciate it. If you think you’ve seen it all, this tour is highly recommended.


    People judged when I booked the tour at grand central but it was so worth it. Loved all the history and Ben was fantastic.

    Kayla Avatar
  • Our tour guide John was so knowledgeable and nice! We loved discovering the hidden secrets and stories of Grand Central Terminal. I highly recommend.

    Gina Avatar

    This tour was amazing! We'd definitely go again!

    Annemarie Avatar
  • Excellent experience! Justin gave such a thorough presentation and knew so much about the history of Grand Central. We had an amazing time and look forward to going on another tour with Justin next time 🙂

    Marcel Avatar

    This was a really interesting tour, I will highly recommend it to all my friends.

    Noel Avatar
  • Fascinating and fun! Loved the expert knowledge and historical photos!

    Aimee Avatar

    5 star ratingHidden gem tours here!! Very authentic New York City tour! The tour guide is an expert in Dutch history! So much to learn and it is all in plain sight! These tours are gem in NYC! You will learn & laugh! People like their tours so much that they become members and have member Only tours - they also have virtual tours if you live far! I will be attending virtual tour! Just great resource here!!!

  • 5 star ratingSPECTACULAR! My boyfriend and I took this tour for a research for his new novel. Ben, our tour guide, was the most loving and experienced guide ever. He knew so much and had the best energy throughout the tour!!! The best!!!


    5 star ratingA fabulous adventure exploring Grand Central and Penn Stations and the NY Subway! I scheduled 2 private tours for my husband and our 13 year old grandson, the Secrets of Grand Central Station and The Remnants of Penn Station at 2 separate times on one day, both with Justin. Justin suggested it might be more fun for our grandson if we combined the tours and rode the subway to include the secrets of the NY Subway, usually offered as a separate tour. The resulting tour was fabulous! Justin's sensitivity to what our grandson would enjoy most was spot on, and his visuals brought it all to life. My husband and I were thrilled with Justin's attention to detail, his personable manner and genuine knowledge of and enthusiasm for his subject matter. Our grandson, a real train enthusiast, hasn't stopped talking about it yet, and neither have we. Justin combines all the perfect traits of a guide, and anyone able to schedule a tour with him will have a most memorable experience. His give aways at the end of pictures of Penn station before and after, etc. will be lasting mementoes of our wonderful experience. Untapped tours is amazing with its unique offerings, excellent guides and ease of scheduling.

  • Great host

    Drew Avatar

    A very nice experience

    Paul Avatar

Our Walking Tours

Ellis Island Hospital Hard Hat Tour- empty room
2 Hours - $83

Ellis Island Hospital Hard Hat Tour

Exclusive Hard Hat Tour inside the usually off-limits hospital

View Tour
Secrets of Grand Central TourView of Grand Central Terminal's atrium
1.5 Hours - $35

Secrets of Grand Central Tour

Discover the many Secrets of this iconic building including its hidden tennis court!

View Tour
NYC Underground Subway Tour- Chambers Street Station
2 Hours - $35

NYC Underground Subway Tour

Discover the surprising history of the NYC Subway

View Tour
Remnants of Penn Station TourAerial View of the old Penn Station
2 Hours - $35

Remnants of Penn Station Tour

Discover the hidden remnants of the old Penn Station!

View Tour
1 Hour - Partner Event

Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit (Partner Event)

Immerse yourself in the masterpieces of Vincent Van Gogh!

View Event
1 Hour - Partner Event

Machine Hallucination: NYC at ARTECHOUSE (Partner Event)

This groundbreaking immersive exhibition returns to ARTECHOUSE NYC

View Event
Remnants of New Amsterdam TourWomen touching remnant of Dutch Wall
2 Hours - $35

Remnants of New Amsterdam Tour

Discover the many hidden Dutch relics south of Wall Street

View Tour
Victorian Flatbush Mansions Tour
2 Hours - $35

Victorian Flatbush Mansions Tour

Discover the spectacular mansions and history of Flatbush, a truly unique Brooklyn neighborhood.

View Tour
Greenwich Village Coffee Tour
2 Hours - $40

Greenwich Village Coffee Tour and Tasting

Discover the surprising history of coffee in New York City while exploring its iconic birthplace: Greenwich Village.

View Tour
Secrest of Governors Island Tour
2 Hours - $35

Hidden Gems of Governors Island Tour

Learn about the history of the Governors Island, which dates back over 400 years.

View Tour
Remnants of the World's Fair TourNY State World's Fairs Pavilion Flushing Meadows Corona Park
2 Hours - $35

Remnants of the World's Fair Tour

Didn’t make it to the 1939/40 or 1964/65 World’s Fairs? Here's your chance!

View Tour
Secrets of the Brooklyn Bridge Tourempty
2 Hours - $35

Secrets of the Brooklyn Bridge Tour

Discover the secrets & hidden gems of NYC's most famous bridge!

View Tour
Trinity Church Cemetery- Hidden Gems of the Financial District Walking Tour
2 Hours - $35

Hidden Gems of the Financial District Walking Tour

Discover the neighborhood's most surprising places and stories

View Tour
1.5 Hours - $35

Secrets of the Lower East Side Tour

Explore the history and evolution of Manhattan’s Lower East Side!

View Tour
1.5 - 2 Hours - Partner Event

Fall Cruises on the Hudson River (Partner Event)

Take in views of NYC while sailing on the Hudson River

View Tour

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We can organize a private tour just for your group! Whether you are planning your next family outing, a school trip or a corporate event, we've got you covered!

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Explore the best of what NYC has to offer from the comfort of your home! We offer several live webinars a week, on-demand virtual tours and more!

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