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Explore Ellis Island's Abandoned Hospital

Exclusive hard hat tour inside Ellis Island's Contagious Disease Hospital, abandoned since 1954. An experience unlike any other in NYC...

Discover the Secrets of Grand Central

Did you know there is a hidden tennis court inside Grand Central? Or that its ceiling is backwards? Join us and discover its many other secrets.

Discover The Remnants of Dutch New Amsterdam

Explore where New York began and discover the many hidden relics of Dutch New Amsterdam in today's lower Manhattan!

Our Guests Love it!

  • We had a great time learning the secrets and facts of the Grand Central. The whispering hall, the roof , the clock , eagles and so many more.

    Jayashree Avatar

    5 star ratingRemnants of Penn is excellent! The Remnants of Penn Station tour is amazing! Justin does an excellent job of presenting the history, including locations, along with covering all the remnants that still exist. The tour finishes with the positive improvements that have been made at the Moynihan Train Hall.

  • A nice intro tour. Mandy was great, we enjoyed seeing where the subway system began.

    Eric Avatar

    5 star ratingHard Hat Tour of Ellis Island - HIGHLY RECOMMEND I have always wanted to do a Hard Hat Tour of Ellis Island and I finally got to do it. Excited about the event, I have picked a wrong ferry - from NJ instead of NY.
    Untapped Cities' customer service representative Augustin was very helpful and changed my ferry reservations quickly after I reached out to the company! Awesome!
    The tour itself is great and very informative! If you are into history, and history of immigration in particular you would LOVE the tour. Going through these wards and corridors you realize what these immigrants who came to the USA by boat and happened to get sick (and how would not be you after being huddled on the boat for 2 weeks or more?) had to go through. Wonderful work, educators and organizers!

  • 5 star ratingTop notch tour of Ellis Island hospital My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the hard hat tour of the abandoned hospital on Ellis Island. The ferry ride to the island was a total delight. The tour guide was knowledgeable and the tour was fascinating. When we were there, there were many photos of immigrants that had been superimposed on the walls by the artist JR - very eerie but totally cool. Try to leave enough time to see the museum. We didn't but we'll definitely come back.


    Great experience

    Marco Avatar
  • Amazing!!!!

    Katie Avatar

    5 star ratingHard-Hat Tour of Ellis Island I took the hard-hat tour of the abandoned Ellis Island hospital. It was great. The tour guide was very well informed and the tour was fascinating.

    Everything Untapped NY does is awesome! I love it! I became a paid member because I like them so much!

    Steven S
  • Informative, good pace

    Wanda Avatar

    Justin was extremely knowledgeable about the subway history. This was a great experience!

    Diane Avatar
  • 4 star ratingNYC Underground Subway I believe that this is a worthy activity. With 2 active teenagers, this excursion kept them attentive. The guide in my mind was pivotal in the historical explanation of events. I do need to note that it must be clearer on the exact meeting location as GPS along with the NYC blocked roads and construction does not help the visitor locate the tour. We got lost several times which is not fun. Some people may consider this an adventure, but I do not. I would certainly book this tour again if my out of state friends request it.




    5 star ratingWonderful, informative Mandy was so knowledgeable- you will learn so many cool things about the city ok this tour. Not just about the subway. Please not they do not go into the old city hall station. Only one outfit can and they aren’t open currently (as of April ‘21).

  • Our guide was very informative with lots of stories about a New York icon. Worth spending the afternoon doing.

    Stephanie Avatar

    5 star ratingMandy.. Subway walking tour Went yesterday on walking subway tour w Mandy. She is excellent. Extremely knowledgeable about subject and NYC history as well. Looking forward to next tour.Highly recommend Mandy on any walking tours given by her.

  • 5 star ratingGoing Dutch Around Lower Manhattan Good morning! A tip of the beaver pelt hat to Ms. Mandy Edgecombe and her extraordinary breadth and wealth of knowledge about historic Dutch New York and its progenitors. Her enthusiasm for her subject was, dare I say, contagious, with a healthy dose of good-natured humor. She was evidently and easily comfortable working with the vast age disparity in our assemblage, from the NYC 4th grader and his family viewing first-hand his current virtual social studies curriculum, to our own elder Dutch Masters-styled foursome. Although the edifices of that period no longer exist, and the only structural remnants of those days are the in-ground cisterns and the pieces of the wall from the old fortifications in the South Ferry subway station, she vividly resuscitated the muck & mercantile lifestyle that dominated that period of our city's history. Thank you for making her available to us, and we look forward to more of Ms. Mandy. Well worth the wampum.
    Richard A. Benson


    Our tour guide was super knowledgeable and professional, not an amateur (homegrown/amateure tours and guides are not always a bad thing, it depends on what one wants out of a tour)!

    Gary Avatar
  • Great tour! Justin is super knowledgeable and he made the tour very and we learned a lot.

    Kaustubh Avatar

    The tour was very interesting and our guide Mandy was very pleasant, accommodating and extremely knowledgeable. The overall experience was very nice. We’ll definitely take other tours. Thanks a lot for unforgettable experience!!

    Nelly Avatar
  • 5 star ratingExcellent, fun and interesting!!!! The tour was just fantastic!! Justin was extremely knowledgeable and informative. He was patient with all the questions our group had!! I learned so much and really had such a good time. I cannot wait to go on another Untapped tour!! I will definitely be scheduling more tours for sure.


    5 star ratingFantastic NY Walking Tour I took the Penn Station tour. Tour guide Justin has deep knowledge of the history of the Station, back story, personalities, architecture. I've been in this station hundreds of times in the past 40 years and never "saw" the structures he showed us. He's personable and helpful and made this a "perfect 10" experience

    Kay C

Our Walking Tours

Ellis Island Abandoned Hospital empty room
2 Hours - $83

Abandoned Ellis Island Hospital

Exclusive Hard Hat Tour inside the usually off-limits hospital

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View of Grand Central Terminal's atrium
1.5 Hours - $35

Grand Central Tour

Discover the many Secrets of this iconic building including its hidden tennis court!

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Chambers Street Station
2 Hours - $35

Underground Subway Tour

Discover the surprising history of the NYC Subway

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Aerial View of the old Penn Station
2 Hours - $35

Remnants of Penn Station Tour

Discover the hidden remnants of the old Penn Station!

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Women touching remnant of Dutch Wall
2 Hours - $35

Dutch New York Tour

Discover the many hidden Dutch relics south of Wall Street

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NY State World's Fairs Pavilion Flushing Meadows Corona Park
2 Hours - $35

NY World's Fairs Tour

Didn’t make it to the 1939/40 or 1963/64 World’s Fairs? Here's your chance!

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Trinity Church Cemetery
2 Hours - $35

Financial District Hidden Gems

Discover the neighborhood's most surprising places and stories

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Brooklyn Bridge empty
2 Hours - $35

Secrets of the Brooklyn Bridge

Discover the secrets & hidden gems of NYC's most famous bridge!

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