Burning Gotham: Life in 1830s Manhattan

Tour Highlights

  • Trace the path of the Great Fire of 1835, a devastating event that would destroy nearly 700 buildings and change the face of lower Manhattan forever 
  • Visit iconic pre-1830’s landmarks including Fraunces Tavern, Bowling Green, and South Street Seaport
  • Hear the biggest news stories of the day, from “Moving Day” when all NYC’s leases expired simultaneously to the “Great Moon Hoax,” when the NY Sun reported life on the moon 
  • Visit Manhattan’s oldest chapel, along with the site where John Jacob Astor built the City’s largest hotel
  • Learn why the 1830’s was one of the most tumultuous decades in NYC’s history 
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About This Tour:

While New York is a city continually changing and evolving in almost every aspect, it’s hard to top the upheaval of the 1830s. Between the worst fire in New York City history to absolute pandemonium surrounding Moving Day — when all NYC leases expired simultaneously — it was truly one of the city’s wildest periods. It’s time to hit the streets and uncover the stories and remnants of 1830s New York like never before.

Join Untapped New York as we explore lower Manhattan and the notable sights and scandals of 1830s New York, with a close look at 1835 and how a single year forever changed New York City in big ways.

About your guide:

James Scully is an outgoing native New Yorker who grew up in a home with three generations of family. He had close relationships with both his grandparents and great-grandparents, being exposed to an invaluable amount of local culture. It has helped him become a passionate actor, writer, director, and historian. He’s a graduate of Xavier High School in Manhattan, Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and has spent over a decade working in media for companies such as Condé Nast, and Hearst.
James is behind Breaking Walls, a docu-podcast on the history of American network radio broadcasting. He’s directed, post-produced, adapted, and acted in scripted audio fiction productions and is an actor in the Fireside Mystery Theatre troupe. He’s also a Salmagundi Club member and member of The Podcast Academy.
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