Fifth Avenue Gilded Age Mansions Tour

Tour Highlights

  • See the footprint of the largest single residence ever built in Manhattan
  • Take in outrageous stories of Gilded Age wealth, architecture, and art on Fifth Avenue while strolling along the very Avenue where they happened
  • Learn some of the secrets of the famous Frick Collection as you stroll by
  • Discover a charming bookshop tucked into a Fifth Avenue mansion
  • Uncover one of the last single residence mansion on Fifth Avenue
  • Visit the oldest building on Millionaire’s Row, Fifth Avenue
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About This Tour:

Take a stroll along Fifth Avenue as it was during the Gilded Age when grand mansions of millionaires lined the illustrious street. As you revisit Millionaire’s Row, you will discover works of architecture lost to time and some that remain today with a new purpose. This tour will resurrect some of the magnificent mansions that no longer stand bringing those glamorous abodes back to life with stunning historical images and scintillating stories of the affairs that took place inside.
Ear pieces are provided to each guests, ensuring everyone hears the guide perfectly, even from a distance!
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