[UPDATE: This year’s Dîner en Blanc will take place on August 20th and registration will begin in phases starting August 9th at noon] This is a public service announcement to New Yorkers who are already fretting about registration for this year’s Dîner en Blanc New York City. Registration is not open yet nor is the date and time confirmed. But expect it the event take place near the end of August or beginning of September. As always, the location will be in public space and kept secret. I’m hoping it will be more architectural than last year’s World Financial Center location.

Registration will open first to attendees from last year, then to those that were accidentally registered last year in an online flub, and then to those on the waiting list. There’s still time to sign up for the waiting list this year and it’s reportedly going to be significantly larger than last year. Stay tuned for our coverage leading up to and of the dinner.

Confused about what the Dîner en Blanc is? It’s a pop-up white dinner that’s taken the world’s imagination by storm. The location is kept secret until the very last moment, when thousands, if not tens of thousands, descend on a public monument for an impromptu dinner. Check out Untapped Cities’ coverage of the Paris Dîner en Blanc, where it all began, over the last three years at Versailles, Notre Dame, Cour Carrée du Louvre, and the Louvre/Tuileries. Also stand by for an official documentary I took part in about this year’s Paris Dîner en Blanc at Notre Dame and Versailles. Finally, we’ll be covering the first ever Boston Dîner en Blanc on August 16th.

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