This week’s #untappedcities Instagram “pic” of the week goes to @amusepro for this dazzling shot. “Fuerzabruta” is a type of circus, widely compared to Cirque de Soleil, and is currently taking the United States and Europe by storm. The 70 minute show is full of loud and drum filled music while the performers pull off acrobatic and death-defying stunts.

What is special about this week’s “pic” of the week is that Untapped Cities has yet to cover “Fuerzabruta”. This is exactly what we aim to accomplish with our live feed and photo pool. Last week we saw how Untapped inspired a reader to go out to Brooklyn to check out Tom Fruin’s Watertower. This week however, @amusepro is inspiring us here at Untapped to go out and cover this event which, to many, is still Untapped.

Congrats to this week’s winner and don’t forget to check out @amusepro’s excellent gallery!

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