Fiorucci Walls by Keith Haring
Arts & Culture

Keith Haring Mural Goes on View for the First Time in NYC at City Center

For a limited time, a mural by Haring and his collaborator Angel Ortiz (LA II) — never before seen in New York City — will go on view at the New York City Center, a performing arts center in Midtown.
Protector Monuments in Union Square
Arts & CultureNew York

Pop-Up Protector Monuments Depicting Everyday Heroes Debuts In New York City

Through their advocacy work, the organization I Am Your Protector, aims to transcend perceived lines of divisions between different communities in the hopes of changing the way people view “others.” To do so, I Am Your Protector shares the stories of our society’s greatest protectors, regardless of their group affiliations, as a form of inspiring other people to go out and give back to their communities.
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