Here, in chronological order, a roundup of historical, replicas and future iterations of the New York City subway map. Until the 1940s, the subway was run by three competing companies: Interborough Rapid Transit (IRT), Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit (BMT), and the Independent Subway (IND). Watch the lines spread like a vine over the geography of the city, see the system unify into one beast, and observe how graphic design evolves with the aesthetics of the decades. These maps and many more are available here, at

Untapped-Cities-NYC-Subway-Map-1904 This map was part of a souvenir publication released for the opening of the IRT (Interborough Rapid Transit) subway in 1904

Untapped-Cities-NYC-Subway-Map-1912 1912 BRT (Brooklyn Rapid Transit) Route 

Untapped-Cities-NYC-Subway-Map-1924 1924 BMT (Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit) Subway-Elevated Route

Untapped-Cities-NYC-Subway-Map-1933 1933 BMT Subway-Elevated Route. “Map dated by presence of Radio City Music Hall, which opened in December 1932.”

Untapped-Cities-NYC-Subway-Map-1948 1948 System Map: IRT & BMT lines both shown

Untapped-Cities-NYC-Subway-Map-1959 1959 System Map: The Beginning of the New Layout

Untapped-Cities-NYC-Subway-Map-1964 1964 System Map: The World’s Fair Map

1972 Subway Map-MTA-NYC1972 Map

Untapped-Cities-NYC-Subway-Map-1974 1974 System Map: A Hand-Drawn Replica by Michael Calcagno

1979 MTA Subway Map-NYCAuthentic 1979 MTA Map, a find at Brazenhead Books

Second Avenue Subway Map MTA Untapped CitiesThe MTA’s Second Avenue Subway Map with the new T Train and Q train extension

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