The Maritime works of John Stobart grace the walls of the Parlor floor

It appears that art is alive and well at The Salmagundi Club, designated a Historical Landmark in 1969 and on the National Register of Historic Places (1975). When we last brought you to The Salmagundi Club, they were going through a major renovation and we were thrilled to get a chance to glimpse behind the walls.

Now that the renovation is complete, we thought we would go back and take a look at the finished project. As it turned out, it was a very busy day for them. They were moving their entire permanent collection back into the building. 

The Salmagundi Club located at 47 Fifth Avenue

There were boxes everywhere, moving upstairs and down. In spite of it all, the various rooms were filled with exciting new exhibits starting in the foyer where, above the boxes we could still see part of the SCNY Annual Members’ Exhibition, and among them, one of our favorites: Guy Wiggins‘ painting of the Flatiron Building.

Renovation complete, the entire permanent collection was returning Renovation complete, the entire permanent collection was returning

Moving back in, with boxes going in every direction Moving back in, with boxes going in every direction

The Patrons’ Gallery has the exciting works of local artist/member Elizabeth Spencer on exhibit until May 9th.  An exhibition of watercolors from the collection of the historic Salmagundi Club is on display in the Lower Gallery until May 31.

The permanent collection returning back to the Club

The parlor currently holds 24 paintings done by John Stobart that are nothing short of extraordinary and will be on display and for sale until May 22.

Besides exhibits, the Main Gallery is also used for art classes, workshops, lectures, demonstrations and performances, including the excellent Stecher & Horowitz Foundation‘s Young Artist Series of concerts held each year.  If you missed the April concert, the next concert is on May 7th and is free and open to the public.

The newly renovated Main Gallery looking to the back wall

The Main Gallery restoration spear-headed by Lisa Easton of Easton Architects was completed this month and it was a stunning contrast to the previous space (below).

The Main Gallery prior to the renovation

The above photo is the Main Gallery prior to the renovation. The newly renovated Main Gallery is currently exhibiting The Plein-Air Painters of America.

The club is open every day from 1pm to 5pm and free of charge. You can also follow them on Facebook or visit them at 47 Fifth Avenue between 11th and 12th Streets.

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