9. Death by Audio

Probably the most well known of NYC’s veteran DIY spaces, the inclusion of Death by Audio in any list of New York DIY spaces is mandatory simply because it is arguably the best. [Editor note: Death by Audio closed in late 2014 after this list was published, but it’s worth keeping here as one of the staples of the DIY scene]. Not only has the venue been around since 2002, but it also serves as an effects pedal manufacturer, a work space for artists, a recording studio, and as of late last year, an arcade for independent game developers. The staff are inviting, the sound is top-tier, and it also hosts some of the best names in underground music. Co-founder Edan Wilber can be found behind the soundboard himself most days of the week and the venue has even come out with their own art book/live music compilation. The venue eventually reached non-profit status in January 2009.