Joralemon Street-MTA Ventilator-Fake Townhouse Brownstone-Brooklyn Heights-NYC-001This townhouse is not what it seems to be...

Brooklyn Heights is probably best known for its charming, tree-lined streets filled with 19th century mansions and churches. But the bucolic neighborhood boasts more than just cobblestone lanes and scenic views of Lower Manhattan. Being one of the oldest neighborhoods in New York City, it also has its fair share of stories and secrets.

10. A Revolutionary Past Still Rears Its Head… And Other Bones

Brooklyn Heights-Landmarked Historic District-Brownstones-Brooklyn-NYCGarden Place, Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights was a pivotal location in the Revolutionary War. General George Washington stayed at a house on Montague Street before leading the retreat back to Manhattan after the disastrous Battle of Long Island. Around this time, British forces confiscated the Livingston mansion in Brooklyn Heights to be used as a hospital and burial grounds. As a result, reports of Revolutionary-era, British bones being found in the backyards of Garden Place homes have circulated for years.