1-Untapped-Cities-Battery-Conservancy-Bee-Hives-Little-Homes-NYCThe Battery’s Beehives (Flickr photo via gigi_nyc)

Urbanites are on a mission to have local, organically grown food, which in turn has led us to a growing interest in Urban Farming and the greening of our rooftops. With this, a growing interest in beekeeping and organically grown honey. In a hard-fought battle to legalize urban hives, the Board of Health voted to lift the ban in 2010, and today we have beehives in backyards and rooftops, some in amazing and surprising locations. For National Honey Bee Day on August 15th (also listed as August 22nd), we thought we’re bringing you 10 of our favorite hives and festivals in NYC.

10. The United Nations

The United Nations gardens, next to the iconic General Assembly building and Secretariat building, has been off-limits for quite a long time. Inside, in addition to the many sculptures donated by member countries, are three beekeeping boxes, painted in the United Nations blue. The bees help pollenate the expansive, gorgeous Rose Garden, also in this area of the complex.

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