While the New York City subway tumbles along as one of the oldest public transit systems in the world, in the past few months the MTA has updated several stations across the city with gorgeous new art installations. The MTA Arts & Design division has worked with local artists since the 1980’s to bring artwork to more than 260 stations. These artists often ground their work in the history of the neighborhoods, telling the stories of the streets above.

Here are a few of the new installations in this underground museum where the entry is just $2.75.

1. Broadway Station, Astoria

The January re-opening of this elevated station in Astoria, Queens on the N, W lines brought landscapes of glass filled with vibrant color. Diane Carr, in her “Outlook” installation, took the valleys, rivers and streams that once made up the neighborhood and sent them through a kaleidoscope.

The artist, who lives and works in Brooklyn, collaborated with the Peters studio to turn her paintings into the hand painted glass instillation. Green, blue and magenta light now defines the refurbished station.

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One thought on “6 New Art Installations in the NYC Subway to Check Out

  1. Art lifts the spirit. We need this in this great,crazy, too-busy city, and subway stations can be eroded,dirty and depressing. Art and Nature rule.

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